Read at Leicester

Our Read at Leicester Campaign is currently running for its fourth year. This initiative stemmed from studies that focused on the reading practises of young people entering higher education. Studies found that a high percentage of students had expressed a lack of interest in reading for pleasure, or had little opportunity to engage with the practice.

Here at the David Wilson Library, we believe that reading for pleasure has the potential to increase well-being, improve your study habits, and offer the opportunity to explore wider perspectives. Throughout the year we will be holding fun and insightful activities to help create discussion and conversations across the University about books and reading.

We have issued Read at Leicester passports to all those taking part in our celebrations this year. Your passport will be a fantastic guide to the year’s calendar of events and is something to carry with you as you build upon your relationship with reading. Each event you attend gives you the right to a stamp in your passport, each stamp you receive will enter you in to a free prize draw for 1 of 5 Amazon vouchers! Come along to the Read at Leicester events and get involved!

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